School Nurse Chronic Health Assessment Tool – SN CHAT


A tool developed for school nurses by a school nurse, SN CHAT offers tools and resources to help school nurses manage chronic health conditions in the school setting.
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Over 25% of students enrolled in kindergarten through grade 12 schools have a chronic health condition. These students are at risk for having a life-threatening emergency for which school staff must be prepared to intervene. The school nurse uses assessment skills and critical nursing judgment to prioritize which students are at highest risk for an emergency. The school nurse coordinates the student’s care in partnership with the parent/guardian, the student, the healthcare team, and the school staff. The school nurse develops emergency plans and trains school staff to implement those plans.

Always placing the student at the center of care, SN CHAT® allows the school nurse to coordinate care between the medical home, parent and family as well as school staff. The revised School Nurse Chronic Health Assessment Tool (SN CHAT®) helps school nurses gather information about students who have chronic health conditions. As a school nurse, you can use SN CHAT® to:

  • Guide conversations in person or via phone with a student’s parent, guardian, or caregivers.
  • Learn about the health needs of an individual student.
  • Decide if you should create a school plan for a student, which may include an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and/or an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP).

Learn all about the information needed to care for students in a school setting and also gain access to various resources for school nurses. Download your PDF copy today!