Understanding Overlap Conditions: Print


When asthma, allergy or atopic dermatitis symptoms point to a medical condition that overlaps or mimics allergic diseases – this easy-to-understand guide is a starting point for patients and doctors in determining what’s causing symptoms and what tests are needed for an accurate diagnosis, and then devising a comprehensive treatment plan.

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Medical conditions covered in this 36-page publication include COPD, Vocal Cord Dysfunction, Sleep Apnea, RSV, AERD, Nasal Polyps, Mast Cell Diseases, Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases, Psoriasis, Urticaria, Celiac Disease, Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE), FPIES and Interstitial Lung Diseases. Other conditions including additional allergy/immunology conditions, skin conditions, food-related conditions, and more are included as well. 

This publication is a starting point in helping you determine what’s causing your symptoms. Start by ordering a copy for yourself and then move onto the next step, consulting with a doctor. 

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