How to Reduce Asthma Triggers from Indoor, Outdoor, and Occupational Sources: Digital Download


What evidence-based practices can help people reduce exposure to environmental asthma triggers? Our infographic provides health professionals and state asthma programs with a list of strategies they can implement to help patients breathe easy in their home and while on the job.

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Asthma triggers can originate from inside, outside, and even where you work. This infographic outlines the different evidence-based practices from the CDC that can help you improve you lfe with asthma.

  • This infographic includes tips on:
  • Home weatherization programs
  • Home improvement incentives
  • Smoke-free policies in all indoor spaces
  • Clean diesel technology for school buses
  • Eliminate or reduce exposure to asthma triggers at the workplace

This infographic was produced as part of Allergy & Asthma Network’s partnership with CDC’s National Asthma Control Program – EXHALE technical package.