Mikey’s Mom Didn’t Know Asthma Could Kill: Digital Download


Every parent’s worst fear is losing a child.  Mikey was an 8-year old boy that died from an asthma attack, but his death may have been preventable.

Parents must understand that all asthma is serious, and every child needs a written asthma management plan with instructions to prevent and treat asthma emergencies.

Get the facts about asthma to keep your child safe in this 14-page booklet.

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Mikey was an 8-year-old boy who passed away from an asthma attack. His mother is decided that no child should die from a preventable asthma attack. She has put together a booklet filled with facts and information regarding childhood asthma. Topics such as,

  • Asthma severity
  • How asthma occurs
  • Treating and preventing asthma symptoms
  • Medications
  • Safety of Inhaled Corticosteroids
  • And more…

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