Allergy Safe Dining: Bonus Content: Digital Download


Living with a latex allergy and heading on a vacation? Looking for more information about how to handle latex allergies when dining out? Our bonus content PDF has the information for you!

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Includes articles specifically for restaurant patrons with food allergies and latex allergies, as well as general information about severe allergies and anaphylaxis.


  • Managing Food Allergies at Theme Parks and Cruise Ships
  • Heart 2 Heart: Dating With Allergies and Asthma
  • Safe Travels: Careful Planning an Go a Long Way
  • Sample Chef Cards
  • Navigating Restaurants With Latex Allergy
  • Sample Latex Allergy Letter to Restaurant Manager
  • Sesame – The 9th Food Allergen?
  • Why Is Lupin Allergy Becoming More Common?

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